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Information security/cybersecurity overlaps with data protection/privacy.  There is no privacy without security.

Contrary to the impression given by the press, cyber-security is not only about shady characters sitting in dark dens in some lawless country and surrounded by blinking digital lights and by screens cascading data as they use their advanced hacking tools.  In fact, various expert reports show that the human element – employees – is the root cause of between 50% and 70% of data breaches.  The causes vary: lack of training to raise consciousness of risks, lack of policies around good data management practices, and disgruntled employees who are able to exploit vulnerabilities through lax data management practices are at the top of any list.

Also contrary to the impression given by the press, information/cybersecurity is not only about stealing credit card data or millions of other records to enable identity theft.  It is also about protecting valuable business or trade secrets, such as customer lists, business processes and other intellectual property.  No business is immune from the risk, but it can be managed to reduce the risk significantly.  And doing so is not all that difficult.  And it does not cost all that much money.

We can help you at the operating level of your business, working with you to develop information management policies to support your business and training your staff about information security risks and vulnerabilities.  We can help you at the Board and C-suite level, advising you about risk management oversight and the policies and practices that support it.  We can help you build technical, administrative and physical protections into your business operations so that information security/cybersecurity is simply part of the way you do business.