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Lyn Boxall – Speaking your language!

I have more years of international and multinational legal experience than I care to mention.  But my interests are most definitely not restricted to ‘big business’.  My in-house experience, my 10 years with an international law firm, my Australian background, my work in the US, my last 21 years living in Singapore and working across the Asia Pacific region, my own firm being a start-up in 2015: all this combines to make me a most unusual Singaporean lawyer.  I have ‘walked in your shoes’.  I speak the language of your business.

I concentrate on data protection and cybersecurity in Singapore now, but I first dipped my toe in the water of data protection/privacy more than 20 years ago. I was working in-house. I had to find solutions to a myriad of operational challenges and support achievement of business performance targets at the same time. I became, and remain, a vocal advocate of using data protection/privacy policies and practices, including information security policies and practices, to support business excellence and engender stakeholder trust. I speak the language of marketing communications that help to achieve business objectives soundly.

I spent nine years as regional general counsel for Visa Asia Pacific.  I know payment systems, how they work and the way they are regulated. I speak the jargon of your payment systems business.

I served as company secretary for Visa Asia Pacific, steering its governance through a period of fundamental and unprecedented change.  I participated in every aspect of every regional board meeting for seven years and of most Visa International board meetings for around three years. I took responsibility for legal and regulatory risk management and compliance. I speak the language – and the politics – of the boardroom and of the c-suite.

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We specialise in the online world and on governance, risk and compliance.  We offer general business and corporate law advice, particularly helping businesses new to Singapore with the differences between ‘how things are done’ legally and culturally in Singapore versus how they are done at home.


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